It’s a controversial topic and many women have polar opinions and get quite emotional about their choices to have a IUD or not. This post is not about passing judgement on anyone, but to make ladies aware of the possible dangers as they are very real and often not explained fully. Even worse many women don’t realise their symptoms are associated with the device. Please read this article carefully as I will outline many possibilities that are often not recognised.

Clinically I have seen the downside of these devices and I believe women are not being sufficiently informed about the consequences. And these are just the known ones. Many doctors and women don’t understand the secondary consequences of these devices on the endocrine system and beyond.

Permanent pregnancy

The first thing to understand is that although the amount of progesterone from hormonal IUD’s is low by standards of the contraceptive pill, the effect is large. Hormone levels in the blood are very different to the tissue amount in the uterus but the influence is the same. The direct signalling from the progesterone impacts on the larger endocrine control as it identifies a large amount of progesterone in the uterus. This inhibits the natural body process of a menstrual cycle and tricks the body into believing its pregnant, hence the reduction in periods for most women. So don’t be mislead into believing it is safer because the level of progesterone is lower.

Inhibition of a natural cycle

By inhibiting the period you block a vital natural route for women to detoxify each month. The Mirena may take away the symptoms of a monthly period however its like blocking up a drain. If the body can’t release these toxins and cleanse the uterus its a very dangerous game to play and the medical community just don’t understand this factor. Once the body cannot cleanse itself on a regular basis toxins accumulate, blood flow is reduced and a myriad of symptoms start to occur as a result such as weight gain, feeling sluggish and tired, depression and anxiety to name a few. Don’t let anyone tell you that not having a period is safe. Treat the cause of your symptoms in the first place and there is no need to block a period.

Treating hormonal imbalances with hormones

Very few integrated practitioners, let alone mainstream GPs or Gynaecologists understand the deep impact of using hormones to treat hormonal imbalances. Simply by giving the body a hormone it should be producing, it then reduces the production of that hormone itself. I.e giving progesterone in the mirena then turns off your own production of progesterone. There are several flow-on effects from this mechanism controlled by your hypothalamus/pituitary axis in the brain which controls hormone levels. The main effect is oestrogen then becomes unopposed by natural progesterone. This leads of a very common condition called oestrogen dominance, mainly seen in women 30+ however can occur at any age.

The epidemic of peri-menopausal women who all tend to suffer from oestrogen dominance is testament to this fact. Then once you reach menopause, the body has a reduced ability to manufacture its own hormones, hence the epidemic of menopausal symptoms. Here is an article on oestrogen dominance I wrote.

Slow drip hormones

Now you have to consider the slow drip feeding of synthetic hormones into the body. The long term impact of these hormones on the liver and endocrine system are not considered. The thyroid reduces function, blood sugar levels are effected causing binge eating and sugar cravings, fatigue sets in as the adrenals reduce their output. Adrenal fatigue is becoming more and more common with progesterone creams and the Mirena are one of the most common causes.

The master endocrine controlling gland, the pituitary receives false messages about hormone levels so it adjusts the body’s own natural production leading to further imbalances. Some women don’t understand that the weight gain, fatigue, depression, mood swings, anxiety, migraines and skin breakouts are all coming from the IUD and think that because they no longer get painful periods that everything is fine.

Hormones need to fluctuate and a blanket dose for 5 years as in the Mirena just isn’t natural and sends your natural cycles into disarray. Disturbed sleep can be a common cycle disrupted however there are hundreds of cycles in a woman’s body that are linked to her menstrual cycle which can be disturbed. And of course none of these are ever linked.

Depletion of nutrients

It’s ironic that the very nutrients needed for hormone metabolism are the ones depleted by synthetic hormones. Zinc, B vitamins, Chromium,Magnesium and even Calcium. All these nutrients are known to be depleted by synthetic hormones and are needed for the correct breakdown of hormones. Eventually the level of circulating hormones is elevated and leaves women wide open for the development of oestrogen dominance and hormone dependent cancers.

Emotional link

Finally, and hard to quantify is the emotional link to the imbalanced hormone levels. It’s impossible to test for via bloods or even saliva because hormone levels are normal, but are shifting erratically which leads to mood swings, anxiety, and depression with antidepressants the first treatment option for what essential is a hormonal imbalance linked to the Mirena. Here is an article on depression linked to hormonal imbalance for your interest.

Legal issues

The Mirena has become big business for law firms in the US as class action suits are taken against the manufacturer, Bayer. My concern is not so much about the immediate trauma of the Mirena as this is identified and treated. It should not happen in the first place and in time the Mirena will be taken off the market because of these dangers. I am more concerned about the silent hidden effects which many women who happily comment that they have had not problems with the Mirena, yet are on anti-depressants, thyroid medication, can’t lose weight and don’t link it back.

A quick google of MIRENA will bring up countless horror stories about the device yet it seems to still be the first treatment choice by doctors. In our private Facebook group we see thousands of comments about how the Mirena has been the worst thing women have ever done for their body. In defence there seems to be an equal amount of women whom testify to have no issues with the Mirena physically. My point is to look deeper as often there are underlying health issues which may never have been linked. There are just too many women commenting however about impact on their life to not be taken seriously. In my opinion the Mirena needs a independent enquiry into its safety rather than relying on Bayer research and doctor reporting of adverse reactions.

Treat the cause, not the symptoms

Unfortunately its a all too common story for women from a supposedly simple treatment option. In fact the Mirena has become a first line treatment option when it should be the last. Just like antidepressants are a first line prescription when other lifestyle options should be first investigated.

If the real cause of the excessive bleeding or painful periods was treated in the first place with natural options of diet, lifestyle and safe herbal combinations this sometimes tragedy would be avoided.

Happy Hormones is a program that addresses these imbalances and allows the body to heal itself so that painful periods and heavy bleeding are no longer an occurrence. Balance the larger endocrine imbalance that is the root cause of the problem and everything falls into place and women can lead a healthy and happy life rather than being stuck in a mire of emotional and physical symptoms. Here is the link for the program. 

Think seriously about the real and hidden consequences of an IUD. I do not have any alternative motive in discrediting IUDs. It is just that I have seen it too many times to remain quite. Actually I should be encouraging them, because they cause hormonal imbalance which the Happy Hormones program treats. We just can’t sit around and watch women suffer unnecessarily.

If you’re looking for a natural solution to your hormonal issues, read some of our other blog posts or download our free 8-week program. We also have an in-depth free ebook which explains the real causes of hormonal imbalances.

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About Jeff Butterworth:

Jeff Butterworth B.App. Sc, N.D is a Naturopath with over 20 years experience specialising in treating hormonal disorders. Jeff developed the Happy Hormones program after discovering a unique way of treating hormonal disorders - by focusing on endocrine balance rather than hormonal levels - which gives long-lasting and dramatic results.