Did you know that along with your GUT microbiome your skin has a microbiome of its own? All this excitement about the GUT microbiome and the skin is forgotten about when it can really have such an incredible impact on our health.

Skin issues have a huge correlation with hormonal imbalance in women, and with focus on the skin microbiome a lot of these issues can be eliminated easily, by simply taking it back to basics without the need of a cocktail of drugs.

Hormones cause an over production of sebum in the skin which then become blocked in congested skin and therefore acne or large pustules present. Happy Hormones (HH) assists the deeper underlying causations factors of these skin issues, and on top of a microbiome nurturing skin routine Happy Hormones will ensure long term radiant and glowing skin health – it is important to start from within so you glow from the inside out. The true beauty lies within.

The skin contains an ecosystem of millions of diverse habitats with an abundance of folds, invaginations and specialised niches that support a wide range of microorganisms. These microorganisms protect against invasion of more pathogenic organisms, and they also have an imperative role in educating billions of T cells, which are also found in the skin, and priming them to respond to similarly marked pathogenic cousins.

An imbalance in this ecosystem can be shown through a range of conditions including eczema, psoriasis, acne, and rosacea. So often these conditions are treated with horrible antibiotics and antibiotic creams, which only aggravate and inflame the microbial environment on the skin – this just makes no sense right? Why would we want to kill off all the bugs that are assisting in a nourishing and feeding our skin all the goodness it needs?


Just like the GUT microbiome it is so important that the skin microbiome is regularly nourished and supported. The skin microbiome is under more stress and pressure now than ever before, due to the increase in toxic body and beauty products, make up products, body washes, body lotions included, toxic home cleaning products also have a huge effect. Hand sanitisers are major culprits too, these toxics sanitisers kill not only all of the bad bacteria but all of the good bacteria too, and we don’t want this! IN a recent study of a remote villagers in the amazon with perfect skin found they have a range of skin bacteria that had become extinct in western races. A particular bacteria was shown to protect against acne and skin conditions.

There are so many great non-toxic alternatives to the skin care which destroy beneficial bacteria on the skin. It is so important to utilise these to ensure the integrity and strength of your skin microbiome. Some really great ways to nurture your skin microbiome include using non toxic beauty, body and home cleaning products, just this change alone will not only have a major positive impact on your skin microbiome but also your general wellbeing.

Keeping your skin regularly hydrated is another great way to nourish the skin microbiome, things like coconut and macadamia oil are great as they give the good bacteria beautiful sustenance to feed and thrive from. Adding some therapeutic fermented coconut yoghurt to a luke warm bath is another great way to nurture those beautiful bugs and lastly a skin bug favourite, creating your own toner using 1 cup water, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and ¼ of a cup of coconut Kefir. This toner recipe is super nourishing for the skin and will bring about a glowing complexion whilst killing off any nasty bugs on the skin at the same time.

The other important consideration is your skin reflects your internal health, and especially the health of your elimination system. By improving your GUT health and liver function in particular, the skin starts to radiate. The simplest and most effective way to do this is include natural probiotic foods and eat a clean diet devoid of processed foods and chemicals. Following the 28 day detox is the perfect way to reset your system and at the end of the program your skin will be glowing and healthy.

Nurturing your skin microbiome is a fantastic way to improve and maintain fabulous skin health and hygiene. Try some of these skin-nourishing practices and let us know how they go for you in the comments section below. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Happy Hormones team – we are here to help and support you on your journey.


About Tahlia Thomas:

Detox expert, passionate foodie, food photographer and final year Nutritional Medicine student. Driven by her goals to help others on the journey to their best and healthiest self. You can follow more of Tahlias nutrition adventures at @tahliathomasnutrition on Instagram.