I am often asked about detoxification and the most effective way to cleanse our systems. Let’s face it, we live in a toxic world and are exposed to a whole plethora of toxins on a daily basis. These toxins need to be broken down by our systems and safely excreted otherwise they will have negative implications on your health and be stored to prevent any further damage.

Common toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis come from many sources. Environmental pollution if you live in cities or developed areas, pesticides and agricultural chemicals if you live in the countryside or consume non organic food items, cleaning chemicals, cosmetics and hair colouring solutions, perfumes and deodorants, soaps and shampoos, food additives and by-products from food processing and cooking, heavy metals, plastics, Volatile organic compounds VOC’s from carpets and plastics, even your new car smell, paints, cooking utensils, medicines, recreational drugs, sunscreens and even your own metabolic wastes.

What happens to toxins in your system

Once a toxin enters your system it needs to be metabolised. Initially once absorbed into the blood circulation your antioxidant defences will attempt to neutralise the toxins and then they will enter the liver where several mechanisms are in place the deal with toxins. Then your kidney’s, lymph and bowels will attempt to excrete the remaining metabolised chemicals. This requires your liver, lymph, kidney’s, skin and digestive system to work optimally which is often not the case.

Certain toxins such as heavy metals and pesticides are difficult for the body to metabolise so they are stored in fatty tissues to protect them from damaging the system. Over time these toxins degrade the fatty tissues in the nervous system and brain leading to a range of neurological conditions.

Apart from accumulating in fatty tissues toxins also trigger elevated levels of inflammation, block endocrine hormone receptor sites, increase immune reactions increasing autoimmune and allergy reactions, aggravate nervous tissues leading to irritability and poor sleep patterns.

So essentially toxins can impact on every body function. Your particular genetic weaknesses tend to be the first area to be effected. If you are prone to allergies then this may be the first symptoms, if you are prone to arthritis this may be affected. If you are prone to hormonal imbalances, then this may be an issue. But toxins can literally influence each and every condition in the body. This is why a well-constructed, safe cleansing program is beneficial for all health conditions.

Hormonal conditions

Specifically for hormonal conditions you need to consider toxins effecting hormone receptor sites which creates false signals to the endocrine system, irritation to nervous tissues and the impact on the liver’s ability to metabolise hormones. This is critical. If you cannot metabolise hormones then everything goes wrong from there. It is very common in women who have severe hormonal issues that they genetically are prone to incomplete hormone metabolism.

Why do it safely

Toxins from all sources and of all types will accumulate in your system. It’s a fact of nature in the world we live and unavoidable completely. How your body reacts to these toxins is important to note. Some people will live their entire life with elevated heavy metal levels and never have an issue. Others will have a minor exposure and react badly. It’s just the luck of the draw.

Generally, people who have chronic illnesses which are unresponsive to treatment have reduced ability to genetically metabolise toxins and need to live healthy and clean diet and lifestyles to lead a healthy, symptom free life.

Now with the latest fade to detoxify, many people can make themselves worse through a poorly prepared and planed detoxification. Toxins can be concentrated in the body and when you overstimulate this process your body can dump the toxins into your system causing damage. If your digestion and elimination organs are not functioning optimally then you can actually make your health worse. So here are some steps to safely detoxify your system

Step 1


If you are concerned you may have been exposed to some dangerous toxins, then it may be prudent to do some testing first. Hair analysis is a good test for heavy metals and a functional liver test (not a normal blood test) will determine your livers ability to metabolise toxins. Naturopaths and integrated medicine GP’s can assist.

Step 2


Many people rush into a cleanse motivated to clean their body but going cold turkey on all your vices can shock the system. Its best to slowly reduce any current addictive substances you may be having. Then you must start to reduce in your diet heavy proteins and fatty foods, then load your system with plant based foods. This begins to build your antioxidant reserves and enzyme levels

Step 3


Ensure your bowels are working every day minimum with 2x a day preferably. The last thing you want is releasing toxins only to have them resorbed again. Stimulating your liver and kidneys with herbal teas is also a good idea prior to starting. Dandelion leaves are a good option here.

Step 4

Consume a diet that is predominantly alkaline and rich in antioxidants. Antioxidant load is critical to whether your body will decide to release toxins or not. Alkaline minimises any detox reactions.

Step 5

Start by reducing all processed foods and animal products. Basically any food group which is difficult for you to digest. Your digestive systems take 50% of your daily energy demands so taking the strain off the digestive tract signals your system to start to cleanse

Step 6

Introduce daily vegetable and fruit juice. Between 500ml to a litre depending onyou’re your body can manage. This should be a blend of fruit, greens and root vegetables. There is no hard and fast rule here but what we are looking for is the concentration of enzymes. The live enzymes from fruits and vegetables flood the system and start to release toxins into your blood supply. If you have blood sugar issues it is best to do a cleanse under the guidance of a health professional.

Step 7

Gradually reduce your whole foods and move to only raw fruits and vegetables after a week of predominantly vegetarian. After another week you can shift to only juices for up to a week and then finally if you are going well you can do a few days on water only. But this is for the well-practiced and prepared person. Don’t try this on your first cleanse.

Step 8

Gradually reintroduce cooked vegetarian foods over a week and finally move towards an unprocessed clean food diet.

Support items

 Liver support– the liver requires amino acids primarily from protein to work during a cleanse but you cant have proteins on the cleanse. So this is where a good liver tonic like Liva Detox can support and optimise the cleansing process

Alkalising– to minimise the detox symptoms it is important to keep your system in an alkaline state. Green superfood powders are a good way to do this. We recommend alkalising greens for this process.

Antioxidants– Apart from a diet high in antioxidant foods it helps to flood your system with additional plant based antioxidants. We suggest the Antiox reds for this process

Fibre– To maintain regular bowel function then you need to load your system with lots of fibre. This may occur naturally with the change in diet, but if it does not try chia and basil seeds soaked, psyllium husks or the Klenz product. Fibre is important to brind to and clear any toxins released

Specific detox aids

For many years I worked alongside holistic dentists doing concentrated detoxification programs for chronically ill patients and heavy metal detoxification. These patients need 1:1 support however we used to use specific supplements of coriander tincture, zeolite, glutathione, high dose vitamin C and chlorella to slowly bring out these toxins safely.


Herbal teas are an excellent way to support your system and flood the blood with natural phytochemicals.

Get plenty of rest with light exercise only

Sauna and steam are good ways to assist the cleansing process

Skin brushing twice a day assists elimination through the skin

Yoga and meditation are beneficial

Massage with good quality oils only is beneficial to support lymph function. Body wraps with mineral wraps can be beneficial

Acupuncture can also assist the process.

How you will feel

As toxins begin to come out of your system often your symptoms will exacerbate as they are the cause of your symptoms in the first place. You will also notice a feeling of slight nausea sometimes and headaches are common. Generally, you will sleep very well and soundly. Low energy levels are common during this time so make sure you can rest.

Emotionally you may go through a rollercoaster ride. The deprivation of your favourite foods has one influence, the withdrawal of processed foods has another impact and your body also releases stored emotions as well. Once you pass through this phase you will feel like a burden has been lifted from your shoulders, energy levels will rise and your motivation levels at an all-time high.

For beginners I suggest just following our 8 week program. It’s a light cleansing process that will allow your body to gently restore its balance again. For those wanting something more challenging then try the Lisa Curry 28 day detox and for those wanting to attempt a juice and water fast then best to do this under the guidance of a health practitioner experienced in these processes.

Enjoy the process and feel the benefits of releasing many of these stored toxins. It is beneficial to follow this process at least once to twice yearly.




About Jeff Butterworth:

Jeff Butterworth B.App. Sc, N.D is a Naturopath with over 20 years experience specialising in treating hormonal disorders. Jeff developed the Happy Hormones program after discovering a unique way of treating hormonal disorders - by focusing on endocrine balance rather than hormonal levels - which gives long-lasting and dramatic results.