The Human microbiome.

The micro biome is the term to describe the symbiotic relationship that exists in our bodies between our own cells and other organisms that are both beneficial and harmful to our bodily processes. There are harmful organisms that directly cause symptoms such as the influenza virus however there are a range of organisms that have developed with the human race since inception and are critical to our survival. In fact these organisms make up over 90% of the cells in your body are not human. This delicate relationship is between human and symbiotic organisms influences virtually every process in our bodies. When the balance is disturbed through medications such as antibiotics, GMO foods, processed foods, alcohol and even stress then health problems follow closely behind.

A healthy micro biome which is in balance assists in controlling the immune system, regulating the digestive system, producing hormones, regulates our appetite and even our brain function is linked to these microbes.

Since the turn of the century we have become phobic of any microorganism believing that they all caused disease. Nothing could be further from the truth in fact and science is now discovering the extent of this in terms of actively promoting the balance in our micorbiome treat a range of health issues that have been created from the destruction of these symbiotic relationship. Our food chain has been denatured due to this phobia with processing of food aimed at destroying bacteria in food such as pasteurisation of diary and irradiation of imported foods.

So we are left in a sticky mess and the image above demonstrates that with the over use of antibiotics and the incidence of obesity. One of the common side effects of a disrupted micro biome is an imbalance in the GUT. This imbalance then affects our glandular system through many different mechanisms from hormone production, disruption in appetite control mechanisms and increased levels of food cravings.

The microorganism balance develops in response to what we feed them. If you feed your body sugary foods or even alcohol then these bacteria flourish because it is their role to digest these these foods. The problem is when you don’t feed them they trigger food cravings and even cravings for alcohol. The end result is a range of health conditions such as obesity, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, allergies and immune disorders to name a few. With the over prescription of antibiotics and our petulance for washing every part of our body several times a day, it leaves our bodies susceptible to overgrowth of harmful or opportunistic organisms.

To remedy the situation you need to feed your body the beneficial microorganisms. The best way to get these microorganisms is through fermented foods. Acidophilus powder is ok but fermented foods work much better. Sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, natural yoghurt and fermented vegetables. Certain foods also encourage their growth such as asparagus, onions, leeks, radish, turnips, cabbage and sprouts.

Once you balance the micro biome you will find your appetite reduces, blood sugar balances, hormones regulate and weight normalises.

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About Jeff Butterworth:

Jeff Butterworth B.App. Sc, N.D is a Naturopath with over 20 years experience specialising in treating hormonal disorders. Jeff developed the Happy Hormones program after discovering a unique way of treating hormonal disorders - by focusing on endocrine balance rather than hormonal levels - which gives long-lasting and dramatic results.