It’s so powerful when we make a change in our lives…Mel was kind enough to share her story and journey through PMS and resulting hormonal issues. She was able to stand up and make a serious change in her life…wait for the end, it’s amazing.

“Agony, not able to walk.”

Ever since I was 12 years old I struggled with my hormones. Each month I would be in agony with period pain and I would not be able to walk. My skin would break out; my cravings for chocolate and sugar were out of control. I dreaded each cycle as it affected schooling and my self esteem. I went to the doctors and they suggested primrose oil, panadol and a water bottle… I would get really down with terrible mood swings and my mother would have to wear my terrible pre menstrual attitude. She always said that she knew it was my hormones and not me.

I joined the gym at 18 and I am sure that this gave me some relief, however I was more social and would go out and drink socially on weekends which probably counteracted the hours I would put into going to the gym.

I started gaining weight at 24 up until then I was a size 8- 10. I remember splitting a pair of jeans as was trying to squeeze into. I just accepted that PMS was a way of life and tried on and off to lose weight without much success. I took up cycling and running but could not remain consistent. PMS controlled me; I have always been an outgoing and adventurous person often described as bubbly, life of the party etc. Each month I would soon go downhill with sore tender breasts, my legs would ache at night, I had hot flushes, I would eat everything in sight ( mainly sugar and fatty foods), I would be anxious, sad and angry, my self-esteem would be non existent and I would self loath and just hate myself. It wasn’t until a boyfriend broke up with me as he could not handle the monthly changes in my moods, I realised this was not normal PMS.

“The doctors would suggest antidepressants”

I was constantly in a cycle of 2 good weeks of a normal mood, happy, cheery, normal appetite and be able to function like a human being, then the next 2 weeks I would take sick work due to a painful period and moods. I struggled with every aspect of my life, work, relationships, friendships and I would sometimes become agoraphobic. Basically I would have a personality change. Again I would go to the doctors and they would suggest antidepressants.

I discovered I had PMDD by searching for ‘extreme PMS’ on the internet. It really described me all the symptoms and issues I had were exactly what was listed.

Then by chance I came across Happy Hormones, .. I was desperate and did not have time to sceptical of the product. The E Free eBook on the website is the best information I have ever read about hormones, full of answers.

Mel#s Story PMS Happy Hormones

I noticed changes within a month of following the Happy Hormones (HH) approach; I lost weight off my face within a few weeks. Each month my cravings were less and less and symptoms were easing. The happy outgoing Mel was around for extra days each month, if I missed HH a few days or a week I would slightly regress but then get back on top again.


Mel's PMS story


Because I was feeling better I could control what I ate and therefore was able to reduce the sugary foods and started to eat healthily again.

“Every aspect of my life has improved”

Every aspect of my life has improved since following the Happy Hormones approach. I have always wanted to run marathons, but could not stay consistent at the gym or with training program or diet. Now, I am in full swing with fun runs, trail runs, cycling & gym. I can actually run further and faster than I ever have before.

This January after 11 months of being on the Happy Hormones program and a 20 kg weight loss I cycled 142 km in the Tour Down Under. This was a massive achievement; I am now training for Adelaide Marathon in August.

I have educated myself more with food, cook all the time and love to create my own recipes. I have big plans for the future and want to start my own blog; I have new friends, a new wardrobe and basically a new life.”


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About Jeff Butterworth:

Jeff Butterworth B.App. Sc, N.D is a Naturopath with over 20 years experience specialising in treating hormonal disorders. Jeff developed the Happy Hormones program after discovering a unique way of treating hormonal disorders - by focusing on endocrine balance rather than hormonal levels - which gives long-lasting and dramatic results.