Sun Salutations


Sun Salutations are the simplest and one of the most effective ways to balance your hormones. Practiced daily you will balance your entire glandular system, tone up and manage stress and lifes challenges with ease. Enjoy…..


  1. Start in mountain pose (Tadasana), standing steady with your feet six inches apart, your palms together, centred before your chest in prayer poses, Namaskar. Close your eyes, take a series of deep breaths so that the flow of your breath is centred in the region of your heart, the inner sun. Imagine your inner sun rising as you breathe, spreading its warmth throughout your body. Inwardly repeat this greeting to the Self in your heart:
    ‘I honor the divinity of my heart with all the warmth and cordiality of my mind.’

  3. Inhale, arms extending forward and up, palms together in the Upward Salute (Urdhva Namaskar). Keep your buttocks firm as you look up at your hands.

  5. Exhale, stretching forward in a sweeping forward bend that extends your spinal column. At the end of the Intensive Stretch (Uttanasana) forward bend, your arms are relaxed and your head is hanging close to your knees.

  7. Inhale, bending your knees. Your palms are placed outside your feet, so that your fingers are in line with your toes. Stretch your right leg fully back, allowing your knee to drop to the floor in the runner pose. Your pelvis will be pushed down and forward to stretch your quadriceps. Lift your chest and head to create a mild backbend in the Runner Pose, also called the Equestrian Stretch (Ashwa Sanchalanasana).

  9. Exhale, moving your left leg back, placing your left foot open, yet even with the right foot. Lift your hips high, slowly straightening your knees while pushing your chest toward your feet as you come into Downward Facing Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana). Inhale, lengthening your spine.

  11. On the next exhalation, bend your knees, coming briefly into the Cat Pose. Let your chest lead you to the floor in the Cat Bow, also called Eight-Limbs Salutation (Ashtanganamaskar). Keep your elbows narrow at the end of the pose.

  13. Inhale and squeeze your shoulder blades as you lift your chest, expanding it fully into the Cobra posture (Bhujangasana). Point your feet so that your thighs and legs are in one firm line.

  15. Exhale and lower your chest. Then inhale into Cat Lift. Exhale, and lift your hips high up and back, coming to Dog Pose. (When you have developed sufficient strength and fluidity, move with one exhale into Dog Pose.)

  17. Inhale, returning your right foot between your hands, with your toes placed even with your fingertips, returning to the Runner Pose with left leg now back.

  19. Exhale and bend forward, your left leg coming forward, so that your upper body is in a forward-bending position, Uttanasana—the Intensive Stretch Pose.

  21. Inhale and stretch your arms forward to initiate the lift. The upward pull of your arms will extend your middle back as you come up. Look up as you bend back, tensing your buttocks.

  23. Exhale, bringing your palms to your heart position, Namaskar.