Have you ever thought that as women we may have lost touch with our most feminine side? In this I mean the sacredness we associate with our menstrual cycle. Menstruation is looked upon as a burden and we that we are unlucky as women for this to be part of our life. This is not the case; the menstruation cycle is such an integral part of being a woman. It makes us who we are, nor men or woman would be here if it wasn’t for this part of anatomy in the woman’s body.

The woman’s menstrual cycle doesn’t just base itself from the week of bleeding but a four week cycle, and a way of gaining a new understanding and respect for the cycle is by associating it with the seasons. The labelling of weeks with seasons allows women to connect on a deeper level to their femininity, and get more in touch with their body. This allows us to see the menstrual cycle as more of a gift rather than a burden.

We should really see menstruation in this way as this part of our femininity contains pearls of wisdom which allow for a deeper insight into how powerful you are really are as a woman.

I am so passionate about self-love and I think respecting and appreciating our cycle is one of the biggest self-love practices we could ever partake in. Self-love is about self-acceptance and loving all of us, the yin and the yang sides of our being.

Every single month, our menstrual cycle gives us an incredible opportunity as women to connect on a deeper level, practice self-love and self-acceptance.

Day 1 – 6 of the cycle can be referred to as the WINTER phase of the cycle. This is the stage of bleeding. Some words to associate with this season include darkness, still, empty and release. On a hormonal level in our winter phase our hormones are at there lowest as the bleeding begins, and as the week progresses our oestrogen levels begin to rise. Appetite may be low at this time of month, and I encourage you to treat yourself like you would in the ‘real’ season of winter. Eat warming and nourishing foods; slow cooked meals are the best. Also include a bit of dark chocolate in there too! We always want to move our body, but in the winter phase it is best to focus on minimal or gentle movement. Gentle yoga and walking are best. On a spiritual level you will notice that during your winter you are able to connect on a deeper level in meditation. It is a great time for journaling and gaining a real connection with your intuition. Winter is really a time to press the ‘pause’ button and seek guidance from within. Social life in this week of the cycle should be quiet, it is a time to pull back, say no and give some energy to yourself rather than others. Some other beautiful practices which I encourage you to incorporate in this week of your cycle are: painting, writing, creating vision boards and most importantly resting and taking naps wherever possible.

Day 7 – 13 of the cycle aligns with the season of SPRING. This is the pre-ovulation stage of the cycle. Some words to associate with this week are fresh, virgin, young and renewed. On a hormonal level oestrogen is rising, progesterone is low but also rising and testosterone is rising towards ovulation. Nutritionally at this time of the month it is best to consume whole, healthy plant foods to feed all of that renewed energy after your winter hibernation. Energy is increasing in this period and you will find that your body feels light and empty. It is a great time of the month to plan social gatherings, holidays and important events as you have a lot of young energy and you will be open to spontaneity and adventure. You have a general increase in desire to be with people and connect. In a business and career sense it is a great time for taking action and starting big projects, you are able to tap into some masculine energy in this week of your cycle. People often seek this week as a time for cleaning the house and creating space for light and freshness. It is a great time for planting healthy seeds for the rest of your cycle.

Day 14 – 20 of the menstrual cycle aligns with the season of SUMMER. This is the stage of ovulation. Some words you can associate with this season are full, nurture, life, light and create. Our hormones in this week are high as we have peaks of oestrogen and testosterone and a soar of progesterone. This is a time of month where women usually crave really salty foods and experience great digestive capacity. Summer is the stage of your cycle when you can exercise the most, you feel stronger and more resilient than any other stage of the cycle. As this is a very fertile time of the month, woman find they spend more money on others, and especially romantic others. They find the need to really nurture the important relationships in there life. It is the time of the month where libido peaks and there is a heightened external sexual energy. Of course we want to make love when we are most fertile, right?!  Again this is a time of month where you can connect with friends and call distant family members for a good chat, it’s a great time for connection in all aspects of your life.

Day 20 – 28 of the menstrual cycle aligns with the season of AUTUMN. This time of the month is the pre-menstrual stage and can also be referred to as the Wild Woman phase of the cycle. Word associations with this season include rich, earthy, wise, real and reflection. Hormonally at this time of the month, oestrogen and progesterone levels plunge – when the egg is not fertilised. Women usually experience an increase in appetite, and have cravings for carbohydrates and sweet foods. All foods to fill you up in preparation for hibernation in the next week of winter. It is a time in the cycle where it is more important to be aware of alcohol and sugar intake. Exercise is important during autumn as it can assist with any premenstrual symptoms. Spiritually in this week it is great to reconnect with nature and begin to turn inwards. Some find that the inner critic raises her head in this week, so try your best to let go of any negative ego in this time. Great practices to incorporate in autumn are warm baths, movies and massages. Women are no longer fertile in the autumn stage, so I encourage you to partake in sexual intercourse to alleviate any PMS symptoms. Declutter your home, create space and focus on letting go all in preparation for your winter phase.


I hope this allows you to have more consciousness around the true meaning of the menstrual cycle. I encourage you to incorporate these principles and this awareness to your cycle. You truly deserve to feel your best self. If you go to the Private Happy Hormones group you can download a PDF version of the journaling circle in the files section of the group.


About Tahlia Thomas:

Detox expert, passionate foodie, food photographer and final year Nutritional Medicine student. Driven by her goals to help others on the journey to their best and healthiest self. You can follow more of Tahlias nutrition adventures at @tahliathomasnutrition on Instagram.