Your Happy Hormones Program

8-Week-ProgrammeThe 8-Week Happy Hormones program is a structured lifestyle outline designed to reset a woman’s natural biorhythms. The concept is to follow the program for 8 weeks or two cycles, along with recommended supplements to correct the underlying causes of hormonal imbalance. Once the program is completed, there is a maintenance program along with preventative supplements to maintain balance. After following the program women will feel more energised, hormonally balanced, lose weight if needed and better understand their own bodies.

Why do I need to follow a program?
All cells in the body are susceptible to accumulated toxins and wastes from normal metabolic activity, the environment, diet and lifestyle. We live in a world very different from the way our bodies where designed with high levels of environmental toxins, processed foods, drugs and chemicals. Our bodies have internal mechanisms such as antioxidant enzymes, liver, kidney and skin function to assist in the breakdown and removal of these toxins, however with reduced organ function, reduced dietary antioxidants and high toxin intake cause cellular and tissue accumulation.

The accumulation of toxins in cells and tissues over time impacts on the glandular function and hormone receptor sites. Hormonal balance is particularly sensitive to accumulation of toxins as hormonal balance relies on correct communication between cells. Hormones need to bind to receptor sites on or in cells to create an affect and response. Toxins bind to receptor sites inhibiting contact and toxin accumulation can also prevent hormones from reaching their target sites and tissues.
The 8 week program removes most dietary toxins and allows the body to increase its own internal detoxification measures stimulated by the programs supplements. Supplements are not essential however enhance the process.

Improving breakdown and excretion of hormones.
Once toxin burden is reduced the liver, kidney and bowels are able to breakdown and excrete hormones more effectively. The liver in particular is very selective when it comes to breaking down substances. The more toxic, the greater priority. As you can imagine hormones take a low priority over toxins which have the potential to damage the body if left untreated.

The bowels also play an important role. If the bacterial balance is disrupted and bowels do not clear regularly, hormones are recirculated into the blood supply and can have multiple affects which disturbs hormonal balance. The high fibre diet and additional bowel healthy foods ensure correct elimination and assist in the glandular regulation.

Resetting natural biorhythms.
As cells begin to detoxify and become more sensitive to hormone concentrations and the liver and bowels begin to eliminate correctly, the glandular system needs to be encouraged to rebalance. Natural supplements stimulate correction in function however much of the balance comes from learning to manage and release stress levels, develop work/life balance, improving lifestyle and positive outlook on life.

Do I have to follow the program?
No. You can take Happy Hormones alone however for the best long term results it is best to follow the program for your total wellbeing, not just hormonal wellbeing.

Once you have completed the free hormonal health assessment we will email you the complete 8 week program detailing all the dietary and lifestyle components of the program. Take the free hormonal assessment now.